We are providing NetBridge Internet Access Sales and Management Platform which provides a multi-language interface integrated to Nomadix and similar routers for companies providing free and/or paid internet access service for their clients, guests and workers.
General Features
  • Automatically intercepts internet access requests to block unauthorized access,
  • Provides user authentication via PMS software 1 3,
  • Provides internet access for customers, visitors and workers,
  • Provides internet access for durations starting from 1 hour upto 4 weeks,
  • Allows defining different price and bandwidth for each duration,
  • Allows defining daily free internet access duration with or without password,
  • Automatically adds service fees to customer's room account via PMS software 1 3,
  • Provides English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Turkish and Polish interfaces2,
  • Allows creation of prepaid accounts and printing them on standard address labels,
  • Provides email (SMTP) authentication based access 3,
  • Provides SMS (MobilPark, Nexmo, USB/Serial Modem) authentication based access 3,
  • Provides credit card (AuthorizeNet) purchase 3,
  • Provides payment service (PayPal, Transferuj) purchase 3,
  • Provides social locker (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn) based access 3,
  • Provides Active Directory authentication based access 3,
  • A daily free access duration with bandwidth limitation can be defined,
  • Allows direct sales,
  • Allows limiting download and upload bandwidths seperately for paid and free access,
  • Allows multi-device connection with single user account,
  • Supports group accounts

1 For AtoZ, Elektra and hotel management software that are supported by router being used in company and may require extra license fees from related vendors.
2 Other languages can be added upon request.
3 Not available in NetBridge Lite
Internet Subscribers
  • Can use the system choosing from English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Turkish and Polish languages,
  • Can easily select service from the interface that automatically engages at first attempt to connect internet,
  • Can select between durations starting from 1 hour upto 4 weeks,
  • Can purchase service using hotel registration information 1,
  • Can login using prepaid account information,
  • Can login using email authentication 1,
  • Can login using mobile phone number authentication 1,
  • Can purchase service using credit card 1,
  • Can purchase service using payment service 1,
  • Can login using social web sites 1,
  • Can login using Active Directory authentication 1,
  • Can have free access for a predefined duration with limited bandwidth each day,
  • Can access internet via multiple devices using a single account

1 Not available in Lite package
Front Desk
  • Can use the system choosing from English, Spanish and Turkish languages,
  • Can make direct sales to individuals,
  • Can make direct sales to groups defining a single account and group size
  • Can use the system choosing from English, Spanish and Turkish languages,
  • Can define different price for each duration,
  • Can define free duration,
  • Can disable selected durations,
  • Can create prepaid user accounts,
  • Can print prepaid user accounts on standard address labels,
  • Can define different upload and download bandwidths for free and paid services,
  • Can define maximum number of devices a subscriber can use to access internet with same user account,
  • Can upload logo image file,
  • Can upload banner image file,
  • Can define promotion messages in all languages,
  • Can manage active user accounts,
  • Can get sales report,
  • Can get contact information report,
  • Can manage room numbers,
  • Can manage terms of use texts,
  • Can access to daily usage logs,
  • Can manage all feature settings
If you want to try this product please download its trial version from our downloads page and install. If you want to have custom offer on that product please use the Offer Request button and provide project and contact information.
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Simple Daily Task Timer is an easy to use tool to aid users to schedule and track their daily tasks. It has a simple interface supporting English and Turkish. A task can be easily added between or to end of tasks. Tasks can be easily ordered by dragging and dropping. Working and lunch break times are easily defined. Tasks can be finished and resumed manually. Any change in time and tasks list triggers automatic scheduling. Simple scheduling assigns equal times to all tasks. An alarm is played when the time assigned to a task finishes or lunch break starts. Finished tasks are marked in list. Alarm may be turned on and off. It works in background when minimized to tray. Tray icon displays active task data when mouse is over it. Settings and optionally tasks are saved when program is closed.
  • Free with no hidden futures costs, advertisements or trojans,
  • Provides Turkish and English interface,
  • Easily add new tasks,
  • Set automatic or manual duration for each task,
  • Define working hours and lunch break times,
  • Manually stop active task and resume passive task,
  • Automatic scheduling option with two different calculation options,
  • Task starts and ends are notified by animation and optionally sound,
  • Easily edit task names and durations,
  • Drag and drop task ordering,
  • Automatic and manual task removal features
If you want to use Simple Daily Task Timer please download it from our downloads page and install.
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