NetBridge.Software web site is on the air!
NetBridge.Software web site, prepared for our popular product NetBridge used by hotels and companies providing public internet access services, is on air. You can access latest news, trial versions and product specifications from this site and request quote for your projects.
NetBridge has an extended PMS authentication feature

NetBridge has a new feature to use Oracle views to query guest reservations now. It provides extended guest authentication via PMS incorporating first name, social security number, id serial number and birth date in addition to surname, room number and reservation number. Users can use any combination of these fields to authenticate guests making it easier to purchase internet access. Please check Products page for more details.

Five new languages for NetBridge

New release of NetBridge supports Itailan, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic languages in addition to English, Spanish, French, German, Russian and Turkish languages for end user interface. Also management and reception (front desk) modules are now supporting Spanish language. All sections may have a different default language setting. PayPal purchase feature has been added too. Complimentary internet access options are more flexible and end users can switch to paid services whenever they need with new version. Please examine Products page for more information.

New version of NetBridge Internet Access Sales and Management Platform is available!

After 6 years of evolution, NetBridge Internet Access Sales and Management Platform is totally redesigned and written from scratch to provide the flexibility, extensibility, usability, quality, maintainability and robustness that out valuable worldwide customers required. Please visit our Products page for more information on this powerful interface that enhances the leading high-end routers like Nomadix.

MyKegel web site is released

MyKegel provides lane machine management features for Kegel's worldwide customers. Latest technologies such as HTML5 and responsive design has been adopted to provide maximum availability, making possbile to use all internet enabled devices including mobile devices and smart TV's. Multilayer, flexible, extensible, maintainable, high quality agile design methodologies were used during analysis, design, development, test and release phases of this products.

NetBridge Multi Language Captive Portal
NetBridge internet access sales and management platform provides guest internet access control. More >>
NetBridge Management Portal
NetBridge management portal provides feature management, pricing, content management, and reporting. More >>
NetBridge reception portal provides internet access for walk-in individuals and groups. More >>
Internet domain name and hosting services More >>
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